About Us

Josh Carman     
Josh currently serves as a pastor in the Southern California area. He holds a B.A. in Biblical studies, and is currently finishing his M.A. in New Testament Studies. He’s often seen as the “beauty” of the podcast, offering no helpful insights during the discussion…hey, hey, my eyes are up here.                             

James Yuile 
James’s career is ever growing in both the pulpit and the classroom. He has worked in the church for about ten years and in the college setting for nearly as much, first as an assistant and later a professor.  James is the brains of the operation. He’s pretty smart; he knows basically everything about everything and is the biggest video game nerd you could ever meet. His education includes a B.A. in Biblical Studies, a M.A. in Religion with an emphasis on New Testament, and another M.A. in Ancient Mediterranean Literature and Languages. He’s a proud father and husband, and he loves video games but probably hates your dog.

Garrett Gerhart 
Garrett serves as a youth pastor and director of communications for a SoCal Church. He holds a B.A. in Church ministry and is finishing a M.A. in Communication with an emphasis in Leadership and New Media. When not hanging out with students or making YouTube videos, Garrett enjoys outdoor activities with his family eating mushrooms that he harvested behind your local airport.

Chris Carman (No Photo Available)
Chris is a high-school drop-out, but he’s the only person we know with audio equipment and a studio, so we had to let him participate. Please try to ignore him. We do.