101 Unspoken Rules of Etiquette and Thanksgiving

This week, we are talking with author Danny Park who has written a new book on Social Etiquette. He covers all types of topics, from gym to restaurant etiquette. His book aims to teach people how to live a litte more intentionally. Life on purpose, for the sake of making the world a little better of a place.

In the second part we are learning a little bit about the history of Thanksgiving, the difficulty of the pilgrims and what we can learn from them. Additionally, we invite you, the viewer to join us in giving 30 days of thanks


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Special Guests the McWherters

In this week’s episode, we are having a conversation with the McWherters (subscribe below) who are college friends of ours. They are getting ready to have a baby this October, 2016. We are discussing what their pregnancy journey has been like, and what they are going looking forward to, and most scared of, being new parents.


Check out the vids at our YouTube channel