Episode 18…Marvel, Missions Trips, and the Return of the Peaky Blinders

This week, favorite shows we’re watching including the return of Peaky Blinders, which has Josh and Chris pretty happy. A touch of politics, as it’s a little hard to avoid these days, and rank the movies of the Marvel movie universe. On the serious side we go through some thoughts on the refugee crisis in Europe and the value of short term mission trips.

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James Got Stabbed! and other stuff

Garrett’s taking a break for a little while so Josh, James, and Chris are holding down the fort. This week James explains how he was stabbed by furniture. We also cover the new shows coming to Netflix, we chat for a bit about big announcements coming up at E3, and for our religion topic we talk about addiction and the church’s response.

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Captain America Civil War, Minimum Wage, Apologetics

This week, James gives us his opinion of the new Captain America movie, along with some news regarding other pop culture topics that interest us. We also talked about the fast food chain Wendy’s push towards automation and the effects of minimum wage laws. For the religion topic we went over apologetics and our experiences with it. As always we wrap it up with 20 questions.

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Fat Activism, Bernie V Hillary, & Things That May Make Us Uncomfortable as Christians

So this week, among other things, we chat about fat activism, the Bernie versus Hillary showdown, and dealing with situations or topics that may make us a little bit unsettled as Christians.

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The Jungle Book, Protests and Riots,

Josh-less this week we go over some of our favorite movies and shows at the moment. Garrett gives us his opinion on the new Jungle Book movie. On a more serious note we talk about the recent riots in Seattle and closer to home(for us) here in Orange County, the increasing prevelance of drones, and we talk about some lessons we as Christians might be able to learn from other groups.

As always we wrap it up with some lighthearted coverage of pop culture and 20 questions.

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Climate Change, Trump v Sanders, Trying to Maintain a Christian Perspective, and More

This week WE touch on climate change and Palin’s comments about Bill Nye. Since we were probably making people upset anyone we went ahead and jumped on the Trump versus Sanders debate, gun control laws, and christian attitudes regarding marriage. We finished off with some of our favorite places around the net, and of course, 20 questions.

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The Reign of Garrett

Sadly we were missing Josh today but we somehow without our moderator we still managed to cover a broad variety of topics. Including more potential dangers of fast food, James Cameron movies, the Read Dead Redemption 2 leak, verses that Christians may be misusing, and Christian folks in the media.

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Sadly James-less…We Still Manage to Cover Everything From Trump v. Burns to Teslas

This week we play a game of who said it, Donald Trump or Mister Burns. Then on to a little chat about the new app called Anchor. In our news segment we discuss Bernie Sanders’ primary ‘win’ in Wyoming, whether or not a new housing bubble is forming, and Trump’s thoughts on nuclear proliferation.

Our religion topic devles into some ideas regarding laws concerning people’s religious convictions and whether their businesses can discriminate.

And finally we wrap it up with some talk on the future of transportation.

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