Magic Berries, Christian Disciplines, and the Oculus Rift, Our 10th Episode!

Starting off this week we chow down on some magic berries and taste the strange effect they have on sour food. We also go over some spiritual disciplines that have been helpful in our own lives. We wrap it up with some thoughts on VR, and yet another game of 20 questions.

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Unbiblical Ideas Christians Believe, and More

This week we covered some of the things we’ve loved, and how they’ve let us done. We also touched on politics again, as well as our thoughts on some of the latest tech coming out. For this episode’s religious talk we went over some phrases that Christians tend to use, or abuse, any maybe shouldn’t.

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Exploding Toilets, Britain’s Doctor Strike, Churches Big vs Small, Smart People and Miracles, and more

Ever have something blow up in your face? A woman in Baltimore is suing after her toilet exploded. This inspired some of our own stories of things not exactly going the way we might have liked. We also debate the pros and cons of big churches versus small churches, whether smart people can believe in miracles, the doctor strike in Britain, and whatever else crosses our minds.

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House of Cards, Cell Phone Privacy, Odd College Majors, and Should We Tell Bible Stories?

This week we talk about the return of House of Cards. Then we jump over Apple vs the FBI which leads to another interesting story regarding a teacher and the content of her cell phone. We go thru a list of things people do that Josh doesn’t like, some odd college majors, and wrap it all up with 20 questions.

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Junk Food, Disneyland, Christians and Booze, and Some Mini Rants

This week we talk about our love-hate relationship with junk food, new laws designed to curb slave labor overseas, drinking alcohol as it relates to the Christian perspective, and we each rant for a minute and things we can’t believe other people don’t like.

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Politics, Music, and Video Games Ep. 5

This week we decided to move to a slightly different format. The cut down episodes will still be going up on YouTube Mon-Thu, on Fridays we’ll release the entire episode as a podcast. Episode 5 covers a number of things. Five facts about Republicans, our musical choices and how they relate to our faith, the Pope calling in to question Donald Trump’s religion, Chris’ short experience with the Division beta, and of course another round of 20 questions.

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